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Serving San Benito County Since 1910
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Land Surveying

Right-of-way and Property Boundary Surveys
Control Surveys including aerial control
Construction Staking Surveys
Property and Right-of-way descriptions and Plat maps
Location Surveys for highways, pipelines, utility transmission lines (power & telephone)
Investigation and expert witness consultants
FEMA elevation certificates


Tentative Maps
Parcel/Final Maps
Improvement Plans
Compliance Documents

​Civil Engineering

All phases of private and public land development projects:
Streets and Highways
Storm Drainage Facilities
Sanitary sewer collection, treatment and disposal systems 
Flood control systems and hydrology studies
Utility systems
Water supply and distribution systems
Land use studies
Site and project planning
Assessment district engineering
Construction cost estimates
Construction project administration and inspection

Municipal Engineering

City/County Engineering Services:
Review and approval of development improvement plans and surveying plat maps
Construction project administration and inspection
Preparation of capital improvement budgets
Preparation of plans, specifications and estimates for capital improvement projects
Coordination with other city, county, state and federal agencies